December 13th was supposed to be a great Live Music show at Club DeJa Vu as first time in Nepal Marshmello was supposed to perform there. But at the last hour organizers cannot make the promised event , due to which the Fans who have already bought expensive tickets to witness the Marshmello Live In Nepal performance gone mad.

Due the cancellation of  event at last hour the , the event became nightmare for organizers and Club Deja vu , Lots of fan and audience became angry and involved in vandalism , resulting many damage of the event host Club Deja vu.

Metropolitan Crime Division has to interfere to control the situation , and the organizer are held by police on alleged charge of swindling people. 2 organizing committee members and  Five Staffs of Club Deja Vu are charged by the police. since Marshmello Live In Nepal was most awaited event for his fans cancellation of  event created lots of problem.

But organizers gave clarification that Marshmello was already been there at Nepal and stayed to Hotel Dwarika but cannot make at the event due to health problems. Same clarification is given by Artist himself from his official twitter and Facebook page.

Marshmello is renowned artist for his electronic dance music and DJ. He is also known for is unique helmet  which he always put for public appearances. His music has received lots of awards as trending music and best dance music. Alone is one of the many popular Music tracks by Him.  Hope next time there wont be any problem for Marshmello Live In Nepal .

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