Movie Lootera  is featuring superstar Nikhil Upreti in role of a don. The release date of the movie has been announced for November 13 (Kartik 27). The main leading actress Nisha Adhikari who has been in USA for almost 3 months has returned Nepal for promotion of the movie. The supporting actors for the movie are Sabin Shrestha, Harshika Shrestha, Anubhav Regmi etc.
The producer of the movie are Basanta Kumar Sharestha and Tesring Dorjee Lama. Direction of Daya Ram Dahal is expected to be best as usual in this movie.

Role of Nikhil Upreti in movie Lootera

Nikhil upreti is acting as a don in the movie. The appearance of Nikhil Upreti is really impressive and the trailer is attractive enough to drag the audience to the theater.
Nikhil Upreti is famous for long time as action hero and this movie must add up his new action plot to his carrier.

This movie Lootera is expected to do a good business and hit the blockbuster.

The review of the movie will be brought forward as soon as the movie Lootera will be released on November 23 by Cinelahar team.

To watch trailer of the movie Lootera click here 

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