Najika Hudai Chu  the song of movie bir bikram . Director Milan Chams ‘s movie titled Bir Bikram .featuring new actress Diya Pun with Dayahang Rai, Anup Bikram Shahi and Arpan Thapa in leading roles . The movie based on action and comedy which is written by Ram Thapa. Ram KC is the cinematographer, Tara Prakash Limbu is the musician and Renasha Rai is the choreographer. The movie is being produced by Milan Chams with the co-production of Anil Rai, Prithivi Rai and Shiva Kumar Rai.

a film by Milan Chams ,presented by Chams Entertainment .We can see Dayahang Rai in New getup New hair style and we can see Diya as a village girl in this Movie . This movie based on love story , action and also comedy . This movie shot in various location of Kathmandu .

Najika Hudai Chu | BirBikram | Watch online here



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