Nepal Motion picture association is organizing  NEMPA award 2017 on Texas , USA dated 2017.  This award Function is supported by DABS entertainment. The motto of This award function is to promote Nepali Movies on Global arena. The award will be given on different 18 category and the top 3 finalist for all category is already nominate. This event will run on September 17 , 2017 . QFX cinemas is also supporting this event. Total 48 Movies applied for the award and the Nominations are Below.

Next year NEMPA award will be at Sydney , Australia.

NEMPA award 2017 Nominees  of all 18 category

1. Best Movie 
a. Purano Dunga
b. Jatra
c. Chhakka panja

2. Best Director 
a. Deepa shree Niraula for Movie chhakka panja
b. Rambabu Gurung for Movie Purano Dunga
c. Pradeep Bhattarai for Movie jatra

3. Best Actor 
a. Saugat Malla for Movie Lukamari
b. Dayahang Rai for Movie Birbikram
c.Bipin karki for Movie Jatra

4. Best Actor female                                                                                                                                                              a. Priyanka Karki for Movie Chhakka panja 
b. Keki adhikari for Movie Love sasa
c. Srijana subba for movie Dying candle

5. Best supporting actor  
a. Maotse gurung for movie Purano Dunga
b. Rabindra jha for Movie jatra
c. Saugat malla for Movie Dying candle

6. Best supporting actor Female
a. Menuka pradhan for Movie purano Dunga                                                                                                                         b. Barsa Raut for Movie Chhakka panja                                                                                                                                 c. Rima biswakarma for movie bato muniko phul 2

7. Best Debutant actor 
a. Sanjay gupta For movie Safar
b.Aryan adhikari For Movie Ke ma timro hoina ra
c. Aaayushman Deshraj Joshi for Movie chapali Height 2

8.Best Debutant actor Female 
a. Marishka Pokherel for movie ke ma timro haina ra
b. Namrata shrestha For Movie gaatho
c. shristhi shrestha for movie gajalu

9. Best Villain 
a. Saugat malla for Movie  Loot
b. Anup Bikram sahi For Movie king
c. Arpan Thapa for Movie Bato Muni ko phool 2

10 Best Comedy Actor 
a. Bipin Karki for movie Loot 2
b. Budhhi Tamang for Movie Chhakka panja
c. Kedar Ghimire for Movie Chakka panja

11. Best Writer 
a. Rambabu Gurung For movie purano Dunga
b. Pradeep bhatarai for Movie jatra
c. Deepakraj Giri for Movie chhakka panja

12. Best Editor 
a. Nimesh Shrestha for Movie purano Dunga
b. Surendra poudel for movie loot 2
c. Bipin Malla for movie chhakka panja

13. Best Cinematography
a. Shailendra D karki for Movie Purano Dunga
b. Purusottam pradhan for chhakka panja
c.Purusottam pradhan for Loot 2

14. Best SongWriter 
a. Suresh pranjal for Movie bato muni ko phul song “Narune aakha ”
b. Dayaram pandey for Movie palas Song “Timi saath huda ”
c. Dr krishnahari baral for Movie Sabda Song “harpal Ruwauchh”

15. Best singer
a. Swaropraj acharya for Movie Shabda song “Harpal ruwauchh”
b.Yuwaraj chaulagain for Movie Palas sonh “timi saath”
c. Kaliparshad Baskota For movie purano Dunga song ” nira jaile ”

16. Best singer Female 
a. Mina niraula for movie Movie Loot 2 Song “thamel bajar”
b.Milan amatya for movie How Funny ” Yo ke ho”
c.Anju panta for Movie chhakka panja song “Puba paschim ”

17. Best Musician 
a. Suresh Gaire for Movieshabda song “harpal ruwauchh”
b. Basanta Sapkota For movie How funny “sira mai sirabindu ”
c. Rajanraj siwakoti  for Movie chakka panja song “purba paschim”

18.Best choreography 
a. Ramji lamichane for Movie Tin Ghumti song “ful jhai naram”
b.BIkram swaar Movie Loot 2 song “thamel bazar”
c.Kabiraj gahatraj for Movie Radha song “chappkaki ful “

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