Image of anamol kc on general public was as a chocolaty romantic actor , But soon after the poster release of his upcoming Movie Kri , all the previous view for his role is changed. In the poster Anamol Kc is featured in very rough and tough look. His looks is in six pack an very tough which is very surprising for his all fans. The lead actress on movie is Aditi Budhathoki. Director of Movie is Surendra Poudel and producer are Bhuwan K.C and Subash Giri. Kri will be releasing date on Kartik 3 (october 20 2017).

Previously he was with Prakriti Shrestha on movie Hostel, Aana Sharma on movie Jerryy,  Samragyee RL Shah on Dreams, Shristi Shrestha on Movie gajalu .

As we know he was on media for many days during signing for Movie Kri because he became  the expensive actor In Nepal when he charged 20 Lakh NRS. The Overall Budget of Movie is expected to be of 3 crore . Talking about Highest collection on Nepali Movie Box Office till Now Movie Chakka Panja is ahead of all Movies. Its gross collection was 17 Crore. This record of movie was expected to break by Loot 2 but Landed on 7 crore.

But as previous Movies of Anmol kc like hostel , Jerry, Gajalu  and Dreams has a lots of fan following and good Box office record. We are expecting Kri to break box office collection record of Movie chakka panka , Its already a lots of Buzz from a single poster release, we hope the movie will carry the same momentum and hit the box office record.

Nepali Movie Kri
Poster of Nepali Movie Kri – Anamol Kc first look

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