Nepali Movie Talakjung vs Tulke

Nepali Movie Talakjung vs Tulke is a movie that was release in 2014. The movie was directed by a well known director Nishchal Basnet who also directed the famous movie LOOT.

This movie has also been selected in the Oscar nominations. This movie story is based on a remote village of Gandaki Zone. The movie shows the hardships of people of the village during the Maoist 10 years clash. The movie is a representative of the hardships that people has faced during the Maoist war against the recent government. And the movie shows how people faced different problems at that time.

Tulke ( originally Talakjung Thakuri) is a main character of the movie whose life style and base of the life is related to every aspects of the story. The humor , Love and the war in the movie is a must to watch in the movie.

Nepal has passed on that brutal phase of the Maoist Civil war and gone through much hurdles even after the peace process. Now finally Nepal has got their Nepal Constitution – 2072 .

People who have not known the hardships of the village people during the Maoist civil war must watch this movie to know how Nepal and the people of the Maoist affected places has faced the situation.

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