Nisha Adhikari is famous or not

Nisha Adhikari is famous or not in film industry ? There are many actress in filmy Industry but some are only famous in media and some are famous in screen . Actress Nisha Adhikari also famous in media but she did’t more famous in Screen . Her Latest movie lootera was famous due to Nikhil Upreti . The other movie of Nisha Adhikari was not more hit . We also heard that there is not good relation between Nisha and the producer of lootera  .  But Nisha Adhikari played many movies with Famous actor .  She did work with Actor Aryan Sigdel  In first love which is hit in film industry .  And another movie Dhuwa yo Nasa with Aryan which was not famous . She did work In Naina Resham  with Biraj Bhatta but the movie was not so hit but the song of Naina Resham was became hit . The latest movie lootera was famous but she didn’t famous . Only this movie  cover  market of Nisha Adhikari . Now days Nisha Adhikari is busy in movie Parsuram with Biraj Bhatta .

Nisha Adhikari (born 4 October 1986) is a Nepalese actress, beauty queen, model, VJ and RJ. She is an actress well known for her role in the film First Love released in 2010. And her appearance in music videos. Before embarking on her acting career, she was involved in beauty contests and modelling. 

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