After the huge success of Nepali movie prem Geet producer santosh sen announced sequel of movie Prem Geet 2. For prem geet movie director was Sudarsan thapa , But for sequel (prem geet 2) new director Ramsaran pathak is already signed who was script writer of prem geet.

For prem geet 2 lead hero will be pradip khadka as in previous movie but Heroine is not still fixed. According to  producer santosh sen they will give chance to new face for heroine. Prem geet was released on Valentine week and it was a huge success with   Heroine pooja sharma and pradip khadka as hero. Saroj khanal was also in the movie he came back to screen from the movie after long time. PREM GEET movie was romantic love story movie and Prem Geet 2 will follow the same basics. with the bonding with sequel of prem geet we hope pradip khadka will win the heart of Nepali movie  lovers.

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