Dayahang rai and priyanka karki are featured as leading actors on Nepali movie Purano dunga . This movie is under banner of Cinema Art Production in association with Maotse Gurung Films.

The story of movie is story between two brothers and love affairs.The name of Movie purano dunga means Old Boat and the story is based on the Old boat of  family , which bring conflict between brothers. Major artist on the Movie are Dayahang Rai, Maotse Gurung, Priyanka Karki, Menuka Pradhan, D.B. Gurung, Buddi Tamang, Mani Ram Pokheral, Puskar Gurung, Purnima Gurung, Sudam C.K., Min Pun and Nawajung Gurung and more. Story  of this Movie Purano dunga is by  Maotse Gurung and Script is written by Rambabu Gurung and Upendra Subba. Director of this Movie is  Ram Babu Gurung. Producers for this movie are  Maotse Gurung, Mani Ram Pokheral and Balmiki Pokheral.

Purano Dunga Actors intro

Maotse Gurung gurung on Movie kabaddi kabaddi
Maotse Gurung gurung as jhakri on Movie kabaddi kabaddi

Maotse Gurung is very popular among social media after the release of Movie kabaddi kabaddi  from the role of jhakri. He is flooded all over Nepali social media.

Menuka pradhan  is well appreciated from Nepali Movie Resham Filili.

Dayahang rai and priyanka karki are appreaing on more movies together in Movie laltin . Despite this Milan chams after huge success of Bir Bikram  announced another Movie with these on screen couple Nepali Movie Happy days.

Watch trailer of Nepali Movie Purano Dunga

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