Mithilayen Gallery at Thamel is like filmy surrounding .   Rahadani  will relase from 12 chaitra . when artists saw rahadani  they  drawing 35 picture of this movie .  This 35 picture were put in the Mithilayen Gallery at Thamel .

Rahadani rahadani-in4 rahadani-in5 rahadani-in6 rahadani-in1 rahadani-in2

secretary of  Chalchitra bikash board Rajkumar Rai  strated the program  . He said movie  is nice and this picture wiil make easy to understand movie easily to audience .  This movie  based on the story of Foreign  employment .  In this movie we wiill see the   illustration of present youth .  We will undrestand  the both negative and positive side of   Foreign  employment when we wiii see this movie  . Starring: Daya Hang Rai Ashok Rijal Nabin Lamsal Srijana Subbha Binita Ghirema Rupa Khanal and more . Directed By: Dabbu Kshetri

Holi celebration by RAHADANI movie team 

Rahadani 12063715_841137806015157_5974379442710128024_n

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