Rajja Rani Nepali Movie Story Plot

Rajja Rani Nepali Movie is a Comedy drama Movie , and the story is mainly based on Madhesh , (Terai ) Southern region of Nepal. Keki Adhikari, Najir Hussain, Kameshor Chaurasiya, Deepak Kshetri are the lead actors on the Movie. Rajja Rani is Love story movie based on society of southern part of Nepal. This Movie is based on a story featuring problem of Dowry system in Nepal. Although The Movie is in Nepali language but all the dialogues and appearance tries to mimic the southern terai of Nepal.

This Movie was Shot entirely on surroundings of NepalGunj. Producer of Movie is  Ramesh Mk Poudel and Directior and writer of Movie is  Yam Thapa. This Movie is Scheduled to release on Poush 21 on Cinemas.

Major actors on Movie are Keki Adhikari, Najir Hussain, Kameshor Chaurasiya, Deepak Kshetri, Arun Regmi, Sarita Rajopadhya, Anooj Pandey, Sangita Napit, Anooj Thapa, Durgesh , Harun Ali, Martin Oli Chettri, Binod Bhardwaj, Ganesh Adhikari, Dipta Prakash, Ashok Acharya, Nepali  Rameshwor Thapa, Chandra Bhattarai, Suma Lamichhane, Megharaj Poudel and More.

Rajja Rani Nepali Movie A Voice against Dowry system

In simple word Dowry system refer a system of giving Various gifts to  the Bridegroom , Including cash , Jewelry , Furniture , home appliances and more by the Family of Bride (specially father and brothers). But these days Dowry system has grown so evil specially on Madhesh of Nepal. Bridegroom family forcefully demand the Dowry (specific cash , automobiles etc ) which is resulting in to social disturbance , Crime. Some family even consider Girls as Debt just because of pressure for dowry for her future marriage. specially Girls are suffering and getting in to lots of trouble before and after marriage. Many violence is reported in Nepal caused by Dowry system. Nepali Movie features the story of Madhesh , mainly based on Dowry system and gives message against Dowry system. It is considered this Movie can give social awareness from Entertainment. A company Bhor Pvt Ltd’s has taken Initiation to Dub movie on maithali language (indigenous language widely used on southern terai of Nepal ) which is expected to reach many number of people to widespread its social message. 

As Constitution Nepal also  prohibit the demanding, giving and taking of Dowry but is is very familiar in Nepal and India mainly at southern area of Nepal. As media can create a lots of attention against these social problems we hope this movie can play positive role dragging people towards awareness.


Here is the Link for Trailer of Movie , sure you would like to Watch.


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