Saayed 2 featured new faces as artist Sushil Shrestha, Sharon Shrestha, Amit Dhungana, Kushal Pandy, Sunil Rawal, Sushil Sitaula, Nisha Karki, Rubina Shrestha, Buddhi Lal Magar and more.

Saayed movie Sequal Saayad 2 teaser is published. This movie is the fourth movie by Durgesh Movies banner. Saayad 2 is directed by Pushpa Raj Neupane while previous movie saayed was directed by Suresh Subba . Pushpa Raj Neupane is experienced from Bollywood also he already worked at Bollywood as sub director in few movies like Dangerous Isk, Razz 3, Hate Story 2,3 , maximum . He also worked few hindi serial Ghar ki Laxmi Betiya , Gita , Madhubala and Sabdhan India as a subdirecter . Saayed 2  is shoot of at various locations of Japan and Nepal. Saayed 2 is written by director himself.
Producers: Sunil Rawal, Ishwor Shrestha, Suvash Lamichane

Story of the movie is by Sunil Rawal and dialouges are by Kedar Bhusal.Action director of movie is Asta Maharjan and Cinematographer is Raju Bikram Thapa

poster of saayed 2
poster of saayed2 nepali movie

Saayed 2 nepali movie watch Teaser

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