Sanchita Luitel in banthe . Again we can see sanchita in movie after long time .In majhi society banthe mean bad person . By using this word cinema team has declare to make this film  . Communication minister sherdhan rai auspicious of this movie .

Sanchita Luitel in banthe

The movie will be directed by  young director  bhoman katwal .Sanchita luitel, Umesh shivakoti , Manish Bhandari, pari Shakya, Kiran sankhar  and  other artists are in  the main role.   special guest rajkumar rai  Chairman of Nepal Film Development Board  hope that artists play important role and they judge the story by played well . This movie wil  made under Yubi Films Pvt banner .

Sanchita Luitel is actress of Nepali film industry .  Sanchita was married to Nikhil Upreti in 2009, and they had two childrens Kashal and Sahisha.Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel is considered one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of Nepali film industry. A Masters of Arts graduate, Sanchita is considered one of the most talented actresses in Nepali film industry.

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