Sanskrit is Sacred language for Hindus. This language is widely used in India and Nepal till date to perform sacred rituals mainly of Hindus. Sanskrit Kirtanas, bhajans, stotras, and shlokas of Sanskrit are popular throughout Nepal.It is also used on many symbolic usage for example Nepal Police uses Satya sewa surakshyanam as their tagline.  As Sanskrit is  called the Mother of all Languages , because  Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages learning it makes easy for you to relate and learn other Indo European languages. In this article i have collected some  resources , Sanskrit for dummies.

Sanskrit for dummies self learning

And most Importantly  it has been the spiritual and philosophical language of Hinduism, Jainism & Buddhism. You may have many reasons to learn it so i am here just sharing some interesting resources  located over the Internet for Free of cost. I have searched and found really useful books which you can access free and train yourself to learn it. i think Sanskrit for dummies title itself is self explanatory.  beautifully manage library from Nepal navigate to the page on link and find yourself a good learning material to learn Sanskrit. Out there is lots of book i recommend व्यावहारिकं संस्कृतम् 1st , 2nd and 3rd edition.


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