Nepali Movie Seto surya is officially selected from Nepal Oscar selection Team to Participate on Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Nepali Movie Seto surya has won lots of international awards from various international film festivals  like Best film award in Venice Film Festival.  Best Asian Film in Singapore International Film Festival and more.

This Movie has a very less character and carries a social story after the end of Maoist civil war in Nepal. Story features 2 brothers Agni (Dayahang Rai) and  Suraj (Rabindra Singh Baniya ). Agni is the Maoist fighter who went against his father ideology who was the  supporter of King in Nepal. The story deals with the agni return to his village after civil war is finished and also his father death happened at same time.  Durga (Asha Magrati) is another strong character in the story who is ex wife of Agni and has son and daughter. This movie exclusively portraits the post war time from the eyes of a Maoist fighter and analyze themselves what they fight for and what are the gains and losses.

seto surya on oscar
Poster of seto surya

Director of The movie is Deepak Rauniyar , rauniyar’s fame is all along the world after this movie success. Movie is also written by him and David Barker.

Child artist on Movie are Pooja (Sumi Malla) daughter of Durga and Badri (Amrit Pariyar) a orphaned child worker.

The Oscar award event is happening on March 4 2018 ,This award is also known as Academy Award and this is the 90th  program. We wish all the best for Nepali Movie Seto surya for Oscar award. THis movie is also known as White sun.

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