Many of the internet connection on home are office mostly are using WIFI networks. The common Problem with wifi network is security , Many times even after changing password many unwanted guest are popping in to your wifi Network. Wifi security is very complex thing and its never 100%  secure but for home users we can just follow some simple mantra to make your wifi Network more secure. Secure your WIFI just changing your router setting into most secured option.

In this article I assume you can easily get in to the router setting page , if you cannot you can search your router brand name and model for accessing router setting page. Usually its or where you can login to router and change the setting.

A simple Mantra to Secure your WIFI
Recommended setting for your WIFI router to Secure your WIFI
  • Always change your router default login ID and password , when router is new its something like admin as username and password as password Never leave it Unchanged. You can always Navigate to system Setting page of your router and change the router username or Password. IT differs from router model to model so search specific guide for your model of Router.
  • Never Turn on WPS on if you really don’t use , Many of the  wifi router is easily hacked if WPS feature is left turned on. WPS feature is actually a method to connect your device to wifi without entering password or using physical button or Pin of wifi Router. You can disable WPS setting on router Wireless setting > wireless security page. The setting may be on different page depending on router model you can find specific guide for your router model to get into these setting online. This is one of the key point to Secure your WIFI.
  • Always use WPA2-PSK (AES) security Mode , The most secure security mode for every router till date is WPA2-PSK along with AES WPA algorithm. You can change these settings  on wireless security page of ypur WIFI router or you can search specific guide for your Router model.
  • Always use strong WIFI password , with number and alphabet combination , and you can change password on regular interval , wifi password changing feature is usually on wireless security page of router.

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