Karma Production Presents TEEN GHUMTI . This film is  directed by Baburam Dhakal and Produced by Karma Production Pvt. Ltd., a company owned by Rakesh Adukia. The movie is based on novel written by former Prime Minister of Nepal and acclaimed litterateur BP Koirala . This movie is Directed By  Babu Ram Dhakal .Garima Panta, Dhurba Dutta, Sushant Karki  are the main chracter of this movie .  Co-Producer of this movie PankajJalan/BaburamDhakal .  Executive Producer  is Gopal Prasad Subedi .  Production Manager is Karan Singh Art Direction by Gaheyndra  . Jimi Editing by Bipin Malla   . Creative by  Aseem Gautam  . Story/Dialogue by  B.P. Koirala   .Cinematography  by Rameshwor Karki  , Samipya Raj Timalsena  . Lyricist is  Dr. Krishna HariBaral  . Music by Basanta Sapkota  and Sound Mixing by Sunayman Shrestha .  Color  of  Manoranjan Shrestha  . Dance by Ramji Lamichhane  , Make-Up  of  Saroj Pandey .

TEEN GHUMTI | Nepali Movie Official Trailer | Watch online

credits Krama

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