Nepali movie THOOLI featuring Jeevan Luitel and Garima Panta in main roles. This Movie is under banner of Everest Kala Yatra Films. Major actors on the movie are Garima Panta,Jeewan Luitel,Riju Shrestha,Evrest Surya Bohara. The Director of Movie is Surya Bohara an producer is Puskar panta. Camera work for Nepali movie Thooli is done by Sher lama. Music on the movie is by Basanta sapkota. Editor of movie is Mitra Dev Lama.

Rijju shrestha is debuted her first Movie from Stupid Man and thuli is her 2nd movie.Garima panta got married recently and settled on Belgium. Her upcoming movie is Teen ghumti which is based on Novel by BP koirala. Jeevan Luitel Upcoming Movie is Baazigar. others movies of jeevan luitel are

Actors : Garima Panta,Jeewan Luitel,Riju Shrestha, Surya Bohara.
Producer: Puskar Panta
Director:Everest Surya Bohara
Music: Bashanta Sapkota
Lyric: Evrest Surya Bohara
Camera : Sher B Lama
Editor: Mitra Dev Lama

You can Watch Nepali movie Thooli from official source 

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