Actor Ramesh Upreti first movie as a producer is Aishwarya in which Keki Adhikari ,  Dipika Prasai and Ramesh Upreti  are on main role.

Timi Royeko Pal is song of the Movie Aishwarya singers are Sugam Pokhrel and Anju Panta, Featuring  Ramesh Upreti & Dipika prasai. This is debut movie of  Dipika, and the couple has wonderful chemistry and dipika is already getting appreciation for her work. Arjun Pokhrel lyrics on song Timi Royeko Pal is so wonderful and the choreography by Tenju Yonjan & Anjeela Khatri seems wonerful.

Dipika parsai is in role of supermodel .In this movie and keki adhikari is also in This movie. The story of this movie is written by Jaya Ojha and director is Diwakar bhattarai.

Ramesh upreti was absent for a long time on Nepali movie as he was at USA after his return on Nepal his fisrt movie was bracelet and after that Movie he is producing and sction on Movie aishwarya.

Song Timi royeko pal – Nepali Movie aishwarya click here to watch online 


The song captures Natural beauty of Mustang. Wonderful Landscapes of Mustang is captured along with beauty of dipika prasai.

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