With emerging use of Mobile devices in Nepal , Mobiles app user are also emerging. Today i am writing about Top 5 Essential Nepali apps for 2017 which is almost important and useful as well as kinda compulsory for all Nepalese. This article covers the essential app which are probability to be used day to day and fulfill your digital needs of information , shopping , News , entertainment and more.

  1. Hamro Patro : This app is one of the Most downloaded app all the time in play store as well as ios store. This app is single package for all of the major information you want as a Nepali. This app is mainly dedicated for Neplai date , Time and calendar. It covers all the major festivals details and even alert and provides Ecards to share and cherish the festival. Another major features is Rasifal , as all Nepalese are always curious on their astrology. This app has a Beutiful News feed service which provides you always fresh news directly from major Nepali News site and also provides alerts for Breaking news and Events. Forex is another feature of this app , you can always convert and track major international currencies  for foreign exchange. Gold an Vegetable market price is also updated daily and it makes your life so easy. And One the Most important feature is date converter as many Nepalese have to convert their important dates (birth day etc) to AD for many official works , This app does it beautifully totally offline. Radio and various online entertainment channels are summarized and bundled within this app. With this app installed on my phone i always feel full of News , Dates , events and entertainment. My only wish for this app is that  in near future this app will bundle real time stock market updates within the app. Another alternative of this app is Nepali Patro.
  2. InHeadline Neplai News : This app is just a Simple news aggregator dedicated for Nepali News. This app Ui is beautiful and app is faster with many customization Options. User can choose news category they are interested , Bookmark any news for later reading, Load small images for data saving and more. This app actually is provides news headline from multiple sources within single app and news are well categorized. User can choose news from category or from tending topics. This app has 2 language option English and Neplai English News are more friendly since the app major theme is to understand the whole news from headlines and summary. I like The English version of App more because of its clear headline and well summarized news. Since even many leading news portal are doing click-bait headlines but InHeadline is so satisfying.
  3. Esewa : Esewa is one of the leading digital wallet of Nepal , Esewa app make its service more comfortable. With esewa digital wallet , Recharging you Mobile phones , Booking flight tickets , Buying Movie tickets , paying you isp bill , Electricity bill everything is on your fingertips. It even gives you freedom to collect remitance directly to wallet from skrill or westorn unioun. Many digital transactions can be done with the Digital wallet Esewa.
  4. Net Tv Nepal : This is the Netflix of Nepal. A single app to view free and premium Tv channels in Nepal. This app has a Huge menu of major tv channels from Nepal and Abroad.  Despite That you can always catch your favorites some of tv shows free. It also have free Movie store (usually full with old movies) but free. You can recharge this app from Esewa or direcly buy monthly subscription to watch premium channels but there are lots of free tv channels as well. NeT Tv nepal also have Set Up box with multiple features and youtube +  for your TV also. This app only works inside Nepal.
  5. Hamrobazar – Nepal Classified : Hamrobazar is a very old Nepali shppoing and second hand buying and selling portal. As with the popularity of app user base hamrobazar is also make it service available through app , This is very popular service for buying and selling with huge user base. This app is very useful for many of us , since we can find gadgets to real-estate all of the buying and selling in One place.

This is the summarized list of Nepali apps which is essential for most of Nepalese. Do you like Top 5 Essential Nepali apps for 2017 ? don’t forget to share and comment.

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