‘Vigilante’ is the first Nepali 3D movie.The movie directed by Dipendra K Khanal.‘Vigilante’ Nepali first 3D Thriller Movie is produced by Aasma Films. Priyanka Karki, Subash Thapa, Raj Ghimire, Menuka Pradhan, and Arjun Gurung in leading roles.The cinematography is Purushottam Pradhan  and  the background music by Tsujil Karmacharya.Vigilante is written by shyan basnyt.

The actress Priyanka Karki is played as Shristi, a modern girl and the love interest of Raj Ghimire’s character Ashish. Subash Thapa played as Niraj, a psycho by nature.and Shankar Acharya, as Khatri.

Vigilante’ starts with a suicide scene of a groom on his marriage day.six friends are seen on a bike trip and  the six friends have a lot of fun and discussion .When one of the friends’ bike breaks down, their journey is halted in an evening. While staying in the house of Khatri in the way, two of them disappear in the forest. Other four to enter the forest to find their missing friends. One by one each of them disappear in the forest.  The movie is mostly shot in a jungle and it states how a person can become ‘Vigilante’ for love.

You can  Watch full nepali 3D full movie Vigilante from official link here 



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