Wow Time Is 2nd App Targeted For Nepali Users for Video on Demand and Live Tv as well as online Radio Service. Most of us already get used with These online services as Net TV is already quite popular for watching live Tv and Video On demand.

The Introduction of This 2nd app with VOD , OTT service will definitely increase the competition and hopefully increase the service to end user and develop the culture to use VOD services , and Live TV.  More The  platform like this is created a new marketplace will definitely rise for services like Video on demand which will help everyone to get the content or sell the content specially Movies and Television serials.

Till Now  WOW Time is Limited only for Nepal Telecom user since the only way to get access to the app is by registering with your Nepal Telecom Number. And another thing is this app is only for Inside Nepal Use. The app Now contains 130 Live channels around the Globe , Almost all the FM stations of Nepal , And a Very well organised List of  English , Hindi and Nepali Movies available free. In Near future App will sell Premium Movies on Per view Basis as well. As WOW Time is Backed BY Nepal Telecom so it is expected Nepal Telecom will Introduce some affordable data and subscription plan for users.

There will be Some Monthly subscription charge to access all the contents till now its free as app is still on  testing Phase and some functions are buggy.

In summary Wow time is decent app and easily handles all average users needs for entertainment. In near Future app should add Video on demand feature for New Nepali Movies and a affordable Plan from Nepal Telecom for app subscription and Data will help to reach more number of people. If you have still not tried this app Get it from here.

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